Catherine Chandler's style

Simple and convenient style of Catherine from Beauty and the Beast


If you watch Beauty and the Beast, the new CW series, you may be interested in Catherine Chandler's, played by Kristen Kreuk, style. Some people might call her outfits boring but I actually like how casual and simple they are.

Let's analyze elements of her style.

She is a policewoman so she must wear comfy clothes at work.
1) Every episode she wears jeans, usually dark.
2) At work she always has biker boots like these:

biker boots catherine beauty and the beastbeauty and the beast

3) Sometimes she wears simple blazers 

                                            4) Most often she wears leather jackets....
catherine chandler style

                                            or leather coats:

5) When she wants to look more feminine she chooses airy shirts instead of cotton t-shirts:

kristen kreuk beauty and the beast

6) When she goes out she also wears simple oufits:

catherine chanler s01e01 dress


Effe coco said…
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Anonymous said…
really like her style, simple yet you can feel GIRL POWER...