Thalia Tribute

You can laugh at me but I am keen on latin soap operas :) I am writing this post from the bottom of my heart, almost crying. You will undrestand me only if you were watching at leats one of the soap operas with this actress. Today they bring back so positive memories... 

The first latin soap opera that I' ve ever watched was "Maria la del bario" starring Ariadna ThalĂ­a Sodi Miranda. I am sentimental over that series as I was watching it with my dear granny.
Thalia was born in 1971. Not only does she act but also sings well. She started her career as a natural beauty and I hope she remained so. Lately I've been wondering what she looks like now when she is 40. So I found her older and latest pictures.

Young Thalia:

In her thirties:


She hasn't changed much. Still gorgeous. But the difference is that she didn't use to need Photoshop then, now she does ;).


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