Adrianna and Taylor from 90210

"Like that, like this, do you hunger for my kiss?"

There are some couples on 90210 that I' ll never accept. Like Naomi and Max. Fortunately, the characters usually break up quickly.
Recently, some chemistry between Adrianna Tate Duncan (Jessica Lowndes) and a new character, Tyler Williams ( Wes Brown) has appeared. Here are some screenshots of hot moments between Adrianna and Tayler:

at a winery naomi's party
Adrianna And Taylor kissing at a winery

                            Adrianna is sedcucing Taylor on the set of her video. We can hear Ade's song which goes: You flash a smile, you think I’ll fall 
you push me back against the wall 
the time has come to pay or play 
but I slip away
and the song is titled "Snake Charmer"
jessica lowndes wes brown
Adrianna's video rehearsal

jessica lowndess kissing

adriana tate duncan
                 Here they even have similar outfit colorous which, for me, symbolize they belong together

adriana duncan 90210
photos: screenshots of 90210 s05e04