Coral reef-like high pile multicolor ikea rug

high pile rug
 Matches every interior...
I love it!

Looking for a rug that matches every interior and style? Go for ÖRSTED high pile rug by IKEA. This beautiful carpet is multicolor so it's perfect for all colour schemes of apartments.
I don't need a rug currently and and I've found it by chance. Now  I am trying to make up a good excuse to get rid of my old rug. The new one reminds me of coral reefs. Yes, I know, it's  just a carpet but there are some purchases that I need to think over before buying and sometimes I know right away that something will trigger joy in me. If you are interested in this tassel rug too, it costs 799$. 
photos: IKEA

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Anonymous said…
2015 and I'm still in love with this rug OMG!!!
Wish I could afford it.