Ariel the Mermaid Parting and Bangs

little mermaid bangs
How to style your hair like Ariel?


I'll try to point out how to style your hair like Ariel the mermaid but I'm not going to focus on colour. The crucial things are the parting and bangs.

Little Mermaid by Disney was released in 1989 and Ariel's hairstyle is one the most typical for that time. What I mean by her hairstyle is the specific parting and bangs done on thick hair. Look at the messy side parting  from the 90's: 
photo: Baywatch screenshot

But remember  this is not a typical side parting as most women do nowadays. I'll show you a picture of a Little Mermaid doll whose creators confused the partings. It should start somewhere above your ear. Also the bangs shouldn't be flat and sleek.

Let's analyze Rihanna's hairstyle which was compared to Ariel's. The bangs shape is ok but the parting should be done lower:
rihanna as ariel mermaid
photo: Vogue April 2012

ariel hair tutorial

And some contemporary examples:
photo: Reebok/ Miranda Kerr
jack magazine 2012 march
photo: Jack magazine cover, Italy March 2012/ Alice Greczyn

bikini mewa
photo: Mewa/ Natalia Siwiec

You may do this parting no matter if your hair is straight or curly but it looks best when the hair is a bit layered If you want people to associate you with Ariel more you can wear sweet shell earrings like these by River Island:

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Anonymous said…
Excellent post. I love Ariel.
Hazel said…
I don't really need to do my hair like Ariel, I already have them naturally, but the bangs won't stay. How do I keep it like that forever without a hairspray???? Please tell.