Oil Your Hair for Shine and Strength!

oiling hair
It really works!

Tastes in hairstyles might be different but everybody prefers healthy hair.
When I was a teenager some family member of mine told me that applying castor oil makes hair grow faster. Castor oil is very cheap and to me it smells a bit like toffee. I used to apply the oil a few times per year. I didn’t notice the faster growth (maybe I applied it too seldom) but my hair became thicker and stronger.
Some time ago I stopped doing it because my hair was shiny and strong enough.
Now my hair is after some experiments so I need to bring it to life. I bought the oil again. I decided to google its properties and I found lots of oiling hair maniacs. Some of them oil their hair 3 times a week but the effects they present in photos are really motivating. From now on I pledge to be an official hair oiler :). I think I will be doing it once a week. 
ana beatriz loreal
photo: Ana Barros for L'oreal

If you don’t have the castor oil, you should know that other girls that I read about do it with coconut oil or even olive oil.

How to oil your hair?
Very simply. Put the oil on your hair and massage it a bit or just comb. Live it for a whole night. Always put a towel on your pillow if you don’t want to oil your pillow too.

Before you start:
Be careful not to become an addict because it is extremely addictive as some girls claim (seriuosly). Although oiling hair is said to be impossible to overdose, I believe we souldn’t do it everyday.
I wouldn’t also apply it on the skin of my head although some people do it.

laetitia casta loreal advert
photo: Laetitia Casta/ L'oreal

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