Merve Bolugur -Turkish Snow White in Cosmo

What a beauty!

Today I came across this Cosmopolitan cover, coming from Turkey (June 2012), and I saw this stunning "snow white" type of girl. Her name is Merve Bolugur. She is an actress and was born in 1987. 
Below the cover you have some older images to assess. 

Have you also noticed this hunky man? I found out that his name is Burak Ozcivit. Ladies, haven't you decided where to go on vacations this year? Turkey, definitely! 

photo: Nottis/ trendyol

photo: trendyol/ Nottis/ youtube screenshot
photo: Rexona ad screenshot/ youtube
photo: Marie Claire, September 2011

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Anonymous said…
she's not so beautiful... turkey has more beautiful actresses than her... ;)
Anonymous said…
there's always some person coming in to say merve isnt beautiful because she does have black hair, turkic features, and dark eyes naturally...always worshipping blonde whiteness even though that isnt turanid.