Alexandra Stan Outfits in "Lemonade" Video

Alexnadra Stan (23), famous of "Mr.Saxobeat" song, has released her brand new video, called "Lemonade".
I think this Romanian singer is really stunning and reminds me of Mila Kunis a bit. The way she dresses usually doesn't fulfill my expectations but in this video I like this tackiness, which makes me feel the mood of the song better. Bravo Alexandra! 

 Fake lashes: unnecessary :(

 In a pin-up mariner dress :)

Another hot element- short top, showing the upper part of her belly

 In a lemon print dress :)

Lemon prints are really trendy write now, just look at Blair Waldorf in Moschino Shirt :)
Although this trend is not for me, I like looking at others wearing such prints.

 Again, a lemon print top, really short one, and lemon shoes
At Zara you may find such shoes:


zara lemon high heel sandal
photo: zara online
89.90 USD

 Oh wait, maybe those aren't lemons but some flowers. Whatever :)

photo credits: Alexnadra Stan- Lemmonade video screenshots
                      Gossip Girl screenshot