Delicious Natural Cosmetics- DIY

Can you imagine life without cosmetic products? I couldn't until today. Watching some German scientific series, called Galileo, I found out some brilliant ideas of making the cheapest and most natural cosmetics myslelf. Here is a list of ideas:

Honey – hair spray
Squeezed lemon and some salt in a glass of water- nail whitener (to get rid of yellow colour)
Salt – toothpaste 
Smashed boiled potato mixed with milk – hand cream (looked ugly on TV but it probably does wonders)
3 spoons of mustard in a bowl of water- foot bath (I would never try this one because of the smell)
A glass of vodka & rosemary-  anti-dandruff lotion       
Smashed avocado with yoghurt and a few lemon drops – antiwrinkle cream ( this one sounds great to me!)
Smashed apple with honey- soothing face mask

I wonder if any of you have tried some of these ideas.