Austin vs Liam

I enjoy watching Matt Lanter on 90210, playing Liam. There was the huge chemistry between him and Naomi Clark (Annalynne Mccord) in season one and two and I was upset that it finished in the following episodes. It's funny how indifferent the characters of 90210 become after breaking up.

And then, in season four, Austin (Justin Deeley) appeared. At first I wasn't charmed by him at all, probably because of his

90210 screenshot/ This one is rather funny than sexy but Liam is cute
cowboy style. But suddenly I wanted to see more his and Naomi's scenes. Maybe finally I will forget about "Liaomi". Is new Naomi's boyfriend hotter than Liam? Vote in my poll to check if others think the same way that you do.
90210 screenshot/ Shirtless Austin


Anonymous said…
Liam has prettier face but Austin is hotter.
Patrizia said…
Liam is hotter in my opinion :)