Weronika Rosati got Luck

Have you wondered who an actress playing Naomi in Luck tv series is? Weronika Rosati got luck to act in a new HBO production with Dustin Hoffman. She was born on 9th January 1984 in Poland. I think she is very pretty and has got an interesting face. Lately, her style has improved beacuse in the past she used(....)
to wear tacky outifts, you can google her and check out, because here I try not to publish pictures that I don't like:). An interesting fact about her is that she usually dates much older men. Sadly, Dustin Hoffman is married. To conclude, she is cute and speaks a few languages fluently so I wish her even more luck.

In Maxim US

From Gala Magazine


Patrizia said…
oh my god she is so so beautiful!
Anonymous said…
she is a polish actress
Anonymous said…
brzydka i mała
Anonymous said…
Oj chyba ktos jej zazdrosci urody. To chyba takie nasze typowe polskie zeby bron Boze kogos nie pochwalic. Good job Weronika. We are proud of you!!!!!