Girly Swirly Drinks ;)

I love alcohol ;) but only in a form of delicious drinks. If you throw a party, you can impress your friends with my Girly Swirly drinks. The best opportunity for that is on upcoming New Year's Eve. Men love them too, even if they don't admit it ;).
The ideas that I want to share with you are mine; you won't find them anywhere else (...)
In the recipes I don't give you the exact proportions, they are up to you. If you like strong drinks , pour a lot of alcohol and have fun :)


Version 1:
Mix Lipton Ice Tea Peach with tequila gold and ice. Add a slice of orange.

Version 2:
Mix Lipton Ice Tea Lemon with tequila silver and ice. Add a slice of lime.



Put a slice of watermelon in a freezer for some time. Then crush it like ice and put in a glass (about half a glass). Add white rum, for example Bacardi, and apple juice. At last, add cranberry juice but only a few drops.