Christmas Tree Alternative Ideas

Are you bored with an ordinary Christmas tree? Or maybe  you live in a small apartment, like I do, and you don't have any space for a spruce tree. Or you don't like cleaning up after your tree starts loosing needles? Maybe you don't like decorating it... Plenty of reasons to try something unusual.

You can pick something from the options below:

All of those from above are Christmas tree statues and you can buy them here:

In the same shop you can buy some artificial branches and if you put several of them into a vase they will make a stunning Chrismas tree:

What about a feather Christmas tree? These below come from last year Home&You collection and are unavailble at present. I regret not buying the burgundy one:


Ana Nok said…
Very cool displays!
Also worth checking out: a new eco-alternative Christmas tree for 2011 is made by Festive Tree. These are artisan crafted trees made from hardwoods such as cherry and ash. Very simple, beautiful and cool!