The Prettiest Red Carpet Gowns of 2011

The year is coming to an end so to sum it up I chose my favourite red carpet dresses of year 2011.

Olivia wilde was wearing that lovely Marchesa dress at Golden Globes. The shoes match the dress excellently. As a fashion admirer I couldn't be more pleased.

Mila Kunis and her lilac Elie Saab dress. Gorgeous, fresh, airy, like an elf.


All the celebrities at Oscars should follow Camila Alves' example. Classy. The dress was designed by Kaufman Franco.

Surprise, surpirse, Nina Dobrev is well dressed. She looks amazing in that Donna Karan dress. The gown really flatters her.
The girl is super pretty and has got a potential but this is the first time that I like or even love her outfit.

Last but not least, Dakota Fannig was wearing this dreamy flowery Valentino dress for Met Gala. Very appropriate for a young girl.

Which one is your type? Please vote for your favourite dress.
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