How to Get Perfect Gisele Bundchen's OMBRE HAIR?

Doesn't Gisele Bundchen look lovely and natural in that olive Givenchy outift?

I've always admired Gisele's ombre hair no matter if it' s in or out. I started liking it when she was beginnig to be famous and I had no idea that it was actually called ombre hair then. I liked it even more when it wasn't so popular because now we can see ombre hair everywhere even when it looks ridiculous on a person. I hate badly done ombre hair! What I mean by badly done ombre hair is:
When it looks as if a girl was untidy, like she forgot to dye her roots
When the coulour of the roots is too dark in comparison to the coulour of the ends
When the ends look unhealthy.

What's the secret of Gisele's hair? It's done with thin irregular highlights which she has applied on her roots too but in a limited number.

Now, I would like to give you a piece of advice how to do Gisele's ombre hair. You can trust me, I've tried it myself. But let's be honest, if you want your hair look like Gisele's, your natural hair must be very light brown or dark blonde. If it's darker you can go for Rachel Bilson's ombre hair or if it's lighter you will achieve Carmeroz Diaz look.

You need to grow your roots, at least 1 inch to begin.

Put a dying cap on you head. Take out plenty of hairs at the down side of your head and just several hairs at the top of yor head. IMPORTANT: do it irregularly, you don't want to have regular highlights. The effect that you should achieve is presented in the picture below:

Apply blonde colour. If you use a bleacher don't keep it long on your hair.

REMEMBER:The aim of this hairstyle is to reach a natural effect. Don't make it too blonde, do not take out too many hairs from the cap, don't keep the bleacher too long on your hair. This hair colour loves sun. Expose it to the sun as often as possible and be a sun kissed girl.