Sara Carbonero - my stylemate

I love love looove Sara Carbonero's style but I'm not objective because I prefer similar outfits and colours.
Moreover, I wish I could be so beautiful as she is. I am familiarized with her wardrobe and now I can give some piece of advice for those who would like to dress like she does.

                      The components of Sara's style are:
  •                       colours: grey, brown, khaki
  •                       boots, wedges
  •                       leather jackets
  •                       Chanel bags, vintage bags
  •                       jeans
  •                       long cardigans
  •                       sublte floral patterns
                 Although she can afford expensive clothes she can be often seen in chain shops such as Zara, Calzedonia and Mango but she claims her favourite brand is Diesel.
                 I prepared two outfits  a' la Sara. I hope she would like them. Hey Sara, if you ever read this let me know if you would wear them. We could go shopping together and become friends ;) Wait, I don't need such an attractive friend.

Sara Carbonero- cinnamon

Acne studded leather jacket
$2,673 -

Rag Bone orange legging
$176 -

Isabel Marant knee high leather boots
$1,630 -

Miss Selfridge leather satchel
£35 -

Red scarve

Gucci leather glove
$375 -

Sara Carbonero style - fall 2011

Vionnet floral blouse
$589 -

$180 -

Proenza Schouler lace up high heels
$635 -

Elliott Lucca fringe handbag
€289 -