Doutzen Kroes - Tinker Bell's Hair Style

Recently I've been thinking about a hair-do for a wedding reception of a friend of mine.
My hair is of middle length and my cut isn't fresh but I don't want to shorten it. That is why I've been considering an up-do. I really like a typical Tinker Bell's bun with the side parting, like Doutzen Kroes is having it in the picture below:

There is one more option without the parting. It's more like a ballerina bun.  However, many girls claim it is their go-to-shower hair. What do you think? Isn't it too casual? I think that Doutzen looks adorable in both versions. Below there are some photos of this hair-do:

If you want any hints how to do Tinker Bell's up-do, you can find it here

Anyway, do you agree that Doutzen makes perfect Tinker Bell?


lima said…
Yes, she does. She's gorgeous.