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Louboutin Inspired Multicolour Glitter Nails

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louboutins sparkling
Glitter Louboutin-like nails instead of stilettos :)

The summer has officially started!!! I'm in a great mood because in a few days I might be relaxing on my balcony and painting my toenails. I don't know why but I associate this activity with vacations :)  

I've been using a lovely mint nail polish this season, but it seems to be everywhere write now. Today some desire of having glittering nails triggered in me, buy I don't want to achieve pricness' nails  but I want them to be edgy like Louboutin Glitter shoes or even better- the studded ones. Of course there is no nail polish with studds so I have to limit myself to glitter :) The glitter must be multicolour.

multicolour glitter stilettos

I was also inspired by these crazy but gorgeous Chiquita Shoes/ Patricia Field: 

I shearched the whole Internet and local shops and finally I bought a nail polish called Essence Special Effect Topper 02 Circus Confetti

It costs about 2 $  but I don't think it's availabe worldwilde , so there is another one like this at, called Milani- Gems.

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