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Elena Gilbert Makeup Tutorial by Russian Look-alike

Posted 3:05 PM by mauvy in Tags , ,

I've been looking for a decent Elena Gilbert make-up tutorial since ages. Most of them aren't satysfying for me because the make-ups look too fake. But now I may stop searching for an ideal Elena's make-up tutorial thanks to this Russian cutie. Not only does the girl look similar to Nina Dobrev but also her  make-up is natural and appropriate for every day. Unfortunately, I don't understand a word but every step is shown precisely. 
I am so exicited that I've found Nina Dobrev's look-alike. Of course without make up she isn't exactly the same but with some help of cosmetic products she may be another Katherine's doppelganger :)

photos: youtube/ elena864

Here you can watch how to do Elena Gilbert's make-up:

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Crazy Vampire said...

Very good makeup.
Well done.

Ellie said...

Im from Argentina and i really love your video is amazing, you're like Elena and u make up is incredible! :) Well done

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