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Pregnant Alessandra Ambrosio Covers Yo Dona

Posted 7:51 PM by mauvy in Tags

Alessandra Ambrosio can be seen on the newest Yo Dona magazine cover. Inside there are some pictures of this very slim pregnant lady. I posted only the photos that I really like. The rest of them isn't worth seeing, in my opinion. I pay attention to deteails and what I really like about this magazine is... neon logo ( neon colours are desired this season and remind me of my childhood). Speaking of children, how can VS angels be so fertile, having children one by one, and another baby in a 3 years time when plenty of people try to get pregnant  unsuccessfully. You probably have heard that Adriana Lima is pregnant again too.

photo credit: Yo Dona magazine, April 2012

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Thesmallnoble said...

wow, her beauty makes me speachless :)

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