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How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner Perfectly?

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How to draw a perfect eyeliner? Honestly, I don’t know J. But I’ll tell you how to apply a good eyeliner in my way. The effect that you will achieve is in style of Barbara Palvin or Kasia Smutniak (in the pictures below).

photo: youtube/ Barbara can apply eyeliner herself

photo: Armani / Kasia Smutniak

Way no1- Like Barbara Palvin
This is the way to “open” your eyes and not to make them overwhelmed by the line, which would make your eyes look smaller than normally. Start drawing not in the inner corner of the eye but exactly where I marked it in the picture below. Eyeliner must be thinner at the ends and thicker in the middle.
Now you can apply an eyeshadow, never before the eyeliner.

Way no2- Like Kasia Smutniak
If you are lucky, I mean your eyes are perfect and big enough, you can of course start drawing in the inner corner. Important: if you really want to line your eye starting  from the inner corner, then the eyeliner should be thicker near the outer corner of the eye and thinner near the inner corner. The biggest mistake is shown in the picture below and signed as wrong ( the line is too thick in the inner corner). Now apply an eyeshadow if you want any.

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