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To Line Inside the Eye or Not To Line?

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Photo above : Ocio Magazine May 2011/ Sara Carbonero

Is lining inside the eyes sexy or rather trashy? There are different opinions. Let's list pros and cons.

Good sides:

-It looks sexy (when applied well)
-It brings out the eye colour 
-Its quick to apply

Bad sides:

-It makes your eyes look smaller
-It's unhealthy to put any cosmetic into your eyes
-You're eyes may be crying
-You may look trashy (very trashy when applied wrong and a bit trashy even if applied well)
-You may be critisized even when applied well (a lot of women are against such makeup)

Here are some beautiful examples of lining inside eyes by Irina Shayk, Bar Refaeli and Sara Carbonero:
I do not show bad examples of such make-up because you probably see them everyday in the streets.

Generally, I did such make-up a few times, inspired by Sara Carbonero, but everytime I felt strange. I would like to know your opinion. Please vote in my poll.

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