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Miss Poland presents Valentine's Day Oufits

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What to wear on Valentine's Day? This is the question that every girl with butterflies in her stomach is asking herself. Obviously, you want to express your feelings and happiness, but how to look like Miss Valentine without looking like a weirdo ( I mean too much pink, red and hearts everywhere). This year I couldn't find anything more appropriate than outfits suggested by Joy Poland. They come from 2010 but the clothes are up-to-date. BTW, the cutie in the pictures is Miss Poland 2010, Rozalia Mancewicz. That time when the pictures were made a lot of Polish people claimed she reminded of Lauren Conrad, mainly because of similar hair. Currently, she looks a bit different. You may check out my other posts on Rozalia

This year I'll be doing my makeup with a dark pink eyeshadow to the rhythm of Miss International Love.

photos: Joy Poland February 2010

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